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PATRIOT’S DAY 48 x 24 inches, artist Russell

One day while walking past this old Payson, Utah hotel, I became intrigued with the lines embedded in it’s original architecture. The building’s architecture to me seemed to fall somewhere within the realm of Greek Revival and early American architecture from the new England area, the century following the American Revolution. By the latter 1800’s America had prospered and flourished, as it’s boundaries had officially reached the Pacific Coast. The United States of America had firmly established itself as the most prosperous nation on earth, as well as the place for the people from all other nations to retreat from tyranny and other forms of oppression.

The title of this painting, PATRIOT’S DAY, is rich with symbolism. I hung the flag above the first story porch to emphasize the repetition of lines in this historic Greek Revival Payson Hotel. When it was first built, there was honesty, purity and integrity within it’s core. After faithfully withstanding the test of time, keeping it’s integrity and purity for many generations, corrupt amendments, revamping and remodeling with modern ideas and adjustments, it’s integrity is becoming lost. Just like the integrity of our own Constitution is hanging by a thread, the original intent of the building is no longer recognizable.

The United States Flag, which is filled with the symbolism of the blood, sweat and sacrifice by our founding fathers and the brave men who fight today in our armed forces with the intent to keep our nation from free from tyranny, is hung in this work of art with the blue field on the right instead of the left… this is a sign of DISTRESS. In this painting, the artist himself is pleading for American citizens everywhere to arise and awake, to stand up for the integrity of that which once made our nation the Promised Land.

The red and white lines in the American Flag repeat the horizontal lines of the old hotel’s wooden ship-lap siding. Lines are also repeated in the banister and turned wood balusters of the porch. The lattice work on the right, the slivers of light breaking through the cool shadows and the windows repeat the white stars on the blue field of our glorious flag. “God Bless America, Land That I Love. Stand Beside Her and Guide Her, Through The Night With A Light From Above…”PATRIOTS DAY 2