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Moving in Essence


Mention to someone, “It feels like Monday” and he will likely nod knowingly. Whatever it is about Mondays, they seem to be notorious for problems and things not going quite right. On the other hand, we can have days that are productive and everything seems to fall into place.  What makes the difference between a “good” day and a “bad” day?

A few years ago, Russ and I took a self-awareness class. One of the concepts they taught us was Moving in Essence.  The idea is that if you move at your personal optimum momentum you will not bump into people, drop things, or make mistakes.  Basically, you can do away with “Mondays.” You will be aware of everything around you and can maneuver yourself to avoid collisions.

The exercise we did to discover our “Essence” was to walk in random directions around the room. The goal was to walk as quickly as we could, but not bump into or touch another person. We were all going different directions, with no set pattern or rhythm. As we moved around the room, we were eventually able to move within the group without knocking into each other, completely aware of each person as we passed by them. The tempo was different for each individual.  Being aware of our own Essence allowed us to move through the crowd without mishap. It was interesting how many were surprised that their Essence speed was slower than they expected.

I have learned a few things about Moving in Essence since my self-discovery:

  • One thing I have learned is that our Essence changes its tempo. Some days, you just have to move a little more deliberately. The key is to be aware of self and aware of your surroundings.
  • When doing something you are not familiar with, your Essence will slow down to accommodate the learning mode. Allowing yourself the time to be in essence while learning a new skill will actually help you to learn more quickly, even though it feels as though you are moving slowly.

Moving in Essence is crucial for an artist. To be fully aware of one’s self is to be fully aware of what is around you. Gina Soleil, in an article published on, calls this being grounded. Soleil states

“Being grounded means your feet are firmly planted in the here and now. You’re rooted firmly on Earth, present and mindful of your surroundings. When you’re grounded, you can actively engage in a conversation rather than looking right through the person in front of you. When you’re grounded you feel confident, strong and acutely aware of what’s going on around you — characteristics of someone who’s outrageously productive and calm.”  Gina Soleil

As an artist in touch with your Essence, your ability to capture the intrinsic nature of your subject will come more naturally. The clarity and honesty you see around you will be communicated to your audience through your art.

Tomorrow, when you step into your studio, take a moment to become aware of yourself, and your interactions with your surroundings, Feel the brush in your hand, or smell the clay on your wheel. Notice the light on your canvas, the movement of air against your face, or the sound of your pencils as they move over the paper.  Move in Essence and make tomorrow “a good day.”

Image: The Harvest is Ready and the Laborers Few by Russell Ricks, Oil on panel, 20 x 16