Grandma’s Pink Lilacs–Miniature Auction


Grandma’s Pink Lilacs by Russell Ricks, 6″ x 4″, oil

I loved being at Grandma Samuelson’s house. We could be kids there. Noisy, rambunctious, active kids. Peace roses with their pink tipped yellow petals and noisy, rust-colored, yard-strutting roosters were both a part of the outdoor experience at Grandma’s house. There were cookies and cousins, bouncy beds and Lawrence Welk.

When the Aunties would come, it seemed like a gathering of the generations. They talked of family, both living and long passed on. They filled us with stories that gave us a glimpse of where we came from and who we would someday become.

This lovely little painting, Grandma’s Pink Lilacs, holds the memories of childhood in Grandma’s yard. We are excited to be auctioning it off this weekend. Follow the directions below and this little gem could be yours.

How the Auction Works

The auction will proceed as follows: 

  • You are bidding on the painting only, Unframed
  • Opening bid starts at $100 USD
  • Bids will go up in $25 USD increments, minimum
  • Place your bid in the “Comments” section of this blog post (above)
  • Highest bidder gets the painting. No holds.
  • The bidding for this painting will go from Thursday evening (6/28/2018) 7 pm MDT until 7 pm MDT Saturday evening (6/30/2018)
  • Shipping cost will be charged separately.

Once the bidding is closed, we will contact the highest bidder via email to arrange payment and to exchange shipping information.

Good Luck!!




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