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Tranquility–Miniature Auction Piece

auction3.jpgTranquility, artist Russell Ricks, 6″ x 12″, oil

Experiencing the arts can transport you to a different place for a moment or a few hours. Good literature, amazing music, or a beautiful painting offer respite from a fast-paced world.

You can’t always drop everything to read a book or watch a play, but you can take a few minutes anytime or anywhere to lose yourself in an inspiring painting.

I am offering an opportunity to start or add to your art collection at a reasonable cost. Another tranquil lavender scene is up for auction this weekend. Soft sunlight illuminates the lavender field in bloom.

This piece called “Tranquility” is 6” x 12”, unframed.

How the Auction Works

The auction will proceed as follows: 

  • You are bidding on the painting only, Unframed
  • Opening bid starts at $150 USD
  • Bids will go up in $25 USD increments, minimum
  • Place your bid in the “Comments” section of this blog post (above)
  • Highest bidder gets the painting. No holds.
  • The bidding for this painting will go from Friday evening (6/22/2018) 7 pm MDT until 7 pm MDT Saturday evening (6/23/2018)

Once the bidding is closed, we will contact the highest bidder via email to arrange payment and to exchange shipping information.